Dynafix Pallet

Dynafix is a pallet system from System3R for spark and cutting machining of metals. To increase the performance of the pallet system a new design was developed using structural optimisation. The major performance characteristics are weight and stiffness. The objective of the optimisation was to maximise the stiffness of the pallet for a given weight by modifying the internal structure.

The optimisation was divided into two parts. First a topological optimisation was performed to achieve the optimal topology within the given constraints. Then a shape optimisation of the resultant topology was applied. In the shape optimisation a detailed parameterised solid model was used.

The desired weight was to be 19% lower than the original design. The optimisation resulted in 40%-60% increase in stiffness.


The use of structural optimisation made it possible to achieve a significant increase in stiffness at a lower given weight.