Case Studies

This is a few case studies of projects where the ROpt system has been succesfully applied. They show some of what can be acchieved using ROpt.


Aligned C-frame (1998-)

By using structural optimisation an almost impossible design problem was solved.

Propeller System (1992-)

By using optimisation, a major increase in performances of the new controllable pitch propeller system was achieved.

Fan blade (2005)

Structural optimisation were used to design a fan blade with extreme performance.

A-stay (2002)

This A-stay transmits the loads from the wheels to the frame of an Articulated Hauler. Using ROpt the weight was reduced with 24%.

GH Link (2001)

By using ROpt it is possible to perform fracture mechanics together with optimisation. In this project the weight of the link were reduced and the predicted service life increased.

Visby Class Corvette (1991-2000)

The weight of the vessel was minimised using variables such as fiber type, lay-up thickness, stacking sequence, core thickness and core material. 

Gear Test Rig (1999)

Stress and natural frequencies analyses of a VolvoCE test rig. Natural frequencies can also be used as an optimisation parameter.

Composite Bicycle (1998)

Structural optimisation was used as a design tool for the construction of a carbon fiber bicycle frame.

Front Axle Housing (1997)

Structural optimisation was used to decrease the weight of the front axle housing of a wheel loader. 

Welded construction (1996)

Optimisation of a welded construction in an excavator. The aim was to minimise the risk of crack propagation. 

Dynafix Pallet (1996)

A system for spark and cutting machining of metals was improved  using structural optimisation.