F1 wind tunnel fan blade

ALFGAM Optimering AB has together with FlexProp AB and Flškt Woods provided a wind tunnel for a formula 1 corporation. The structural design where performed by ALFGAM utilising the ROpt concept designing an optimal weight efficient fan blade.

Formula 1 car
The fan blades where tested using an impulse hammer and the response frequencies where measured.Flškt Woods provided the aeronautical design including geometry and loading of the blades. ALFGAM performed the strength calculations and optimised the structure with respect to strength and eigen-frequencies. Finally FlexProp AB manufactured the fan blades.

The fan blade where designed as a strengthened sandwich structure with face of carbon fibres in an epoxy matrix on a PVC foam core. The integrated blade foot where designed in high strength steel.

The ROpt system where used to optimise the face thickness' in each part of the blade and minimise the weight of the blade while keeping the desired eigen-frequencies and strains.


Structural optimisation were used to design a fan blade with extreme performance.